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Collaboration, information management, and version control are critical elements of effective university research, whether for doctoral dissertations or key scholarly studies. While universities frequently commit large investments to laboratory equipment, they often sacrifice efficiency at the most critical juncture of a research initiative: the processing, sharing, and organization of data.  This deficiency is often a result of either the absence of effective collaboration software or processes that do not fully leverage assets already implemented.

SharePoint and SharePoint Online versions provide an excellent platform for facilitating quality research in colleges and universities. Research students who are conducting dissertation research or writing up the results of dissertation research can use SharePoint effectively for organization and collaboration.

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The potential ROI of offshore software development is well-established by the fact that a large majority of Fortune 500 companies use offshore teams – either directly or through an outsourcing vendor. Additionally, 80% of small and medium-sized software companies carry out at least some part of their software development offshore.

But any company that has engaged an offshore team for a major software project recognizes that the offshore model is far from fool-proof. While discounted labor rates are assured, several factors if not managed correctly can cause projects to get off track, in terms of cost, timeline, or quality:

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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 00:00

The Case for Test Automation

Software test automation tools have been available for decades, but they have generally only been only been leveraged by most technically advanced organizations.  With constant increases in application complexity coupled with budgetary demands for improved efficiency, implementing an effective test automation solution has become a priority for mainstream organizations in both the public and private sector.

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Friday, 02 December 2011 00:00

Selecting a Court Case Management System

The recent challenges faced by the California’s Court Case Management System project highlight the complexities inherent to court processes–and the difficulty of standardizing courts of various sizes and geography under a single generalized platform.  While economies of scale would imply overall cost savings produced by such standardization, those advantages are difficult to realize in light of diverse local ordinances, interfaces, and long-established processes.

Due to the divergent functional requirements of various courts, any single case management platform must be extremely configurable across nearly every parameter of the system.  In fact, to achieve this level of configurabillity, the system must offer what is akin to a high-level development platform so that courts can accommodate their unique complexities with the software.

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As PowerBuilder applications approach end-of-life, CIOs must decide among multiple modernization strategies for their critical enterprise applications. For PowerBuilder applications, strategies at the two ends of the spectrum are automated migration or manual rewrite.

In our experience, initial momentum within the IT department usually coalesces around manual rewrite for one major reason: enhanced application features. Most business users have a personal wish list of functionality tucked in their desks, and the modernization presents the perfect excuse to get done what has never managed to climb to the top of the software enhancement queue.

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