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Tuesday, 20 December 2011 00:00

How SharePoint helps University Students Perform Effective Research

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Collaboration, information management, and version control are critical elements of effective university research, whether for doctoral dissertations or key scholarly studies. While universities frequently commit large investments to laboratory equipment, they often sacrifice efficiency at the most critical juncture of a research initiative: the processing, sharing, and organization of data.  This deficiency is often a result of either the absence of effective collaboration software or processes that do not fully leverage assets already implemented.

SharePoint and SharePoint Online versions provide an excellent platform for facilitating quality research in colleges and universities. Research students who are conducting dissertation research or writing up the results of dissertation research can use SharePoint effectively for organization and collaboration.


Collaborative Features

Dissertations and scholarly articles need to go through a review and approval process, and SharePoint makes this process very easy and efficient.  Also, researchers can leverage SharePoint Wikis, Blogs, and Discussion Boards to sync with co-researchers, professors and others involved in the research initiative.

The dissertations can also be published online for other readers to view, promoting the studies and inviting feedback from outside research teams.

Document and Content Management

The team collaborating on research can store the documents and files in the centralized location.  Students and Professors can upload files and view documents within a document library. Advisers and committee members can review the student’s work and provide comments on the research.

During the dissertation writing, team members can have a writing group to share information and learn from one another.

Sharepoint provides file storage like (Electronic Content Management ECM) and (Electronic document management EDM) with auditing and workflows, to help students, advisers and professors, collaborate on their research activities. Document revisions and retention policies of SharePoint, can be applied to the student’s research document repository.

SharePoint on Cloud (Infrastructure as a Service IAAS)

Sharepoint 2010 and Sharepoint Online integrate seamlessly with Office and Windows explorer for users to play around with the Sharepoint sites.

Sharepoint as a cloud service works in the IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service Model), for better utilization of hardware resources. Colleges and Universities looking for great reduction in Cost of Ownership and good Return of Investment can choose this option.

The crucial element here is to create a deployment plan and verify the needs are within the Sharepoint Capacity limits. This requires proper capacity planning and attention towards Sharepoint performance.


SharePoint and its Online version creates dialogue between Students, Professors, Mentors and advisers in a college and university environment, to better manage information, and to create effective research outputs.

SoftSol is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and can assist University departments in implementing SharePoint and integrating the software with internal processes to maximize the benefits derived.

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