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Friday, 02 December 2011 00:00

Selecting a Court Case Management System

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The recent challenges faced by the California’s Court Case Management System project highlight the complexities inherent to court processes–and the difficulty of standardizing courts of various sizes and geography under a single generalized platform.  While economies of scale would imply overall cost savings produced by such standardization, those advantages are difficult to realize in light of diverse local ordinances, interfaces, and long-established processes.

Due to the divergent functional requirements of various courts, any single case management platform must be extremely configurable across nearly every parameter of the system.  In fact, to achieve this level of configurabillity, the system must offer what is akin to a high-level development platform so that courts can accommodate their unique complexities with the software.


When it comes to court case management, standardization could be highly effective if focused on areas where cooperation among multiple courts is necessary.  Standardizing the protocols for sharing information will save on costs and improve the way justice is carried out across various jurisdictions.  But an attempt to micromanage individual court processes through a single software monolith is an enormous undertaking that is bound to have difficult trade-offs between cost and functionality.

SoftSol makes the IntelliCourt Case Management System. The approach SoftSol applies for implementation involves starting with a framework proven effective in other courts, and then carrying out an end-to-end project to customize all processes and features to the needs of the individual court.  Since SoftSol is fundamentally a software services company with subject matter experts experienced in court processes, it can accurately capture court business requirements and render them effectively in an end-to-end case management system.

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