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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 00:00

The Case for Test Automation

Written by  Suresh Kumar Mantha

Software test automation tools have been available for decades, but they have generally only been only been leveraged by most technically advanced organizations.  With constant increases in application complexity coupled with budgetary demands for improved efficiency, implementing an effective test automation solution has become a priority for mainstream organizations in both the public and private sector.


A recent article published by DACS, an Information Analysis Center within the Department of Defense, outlines The Case for Automated Software Testing.  There are several factors that have influenced the Department of Defense to recommend test automation for internal applications:

  • Cost – The costs of debugging and validation now ranges from 50-75% of application development costs.
  • Time – In a Navy test case outlined in the report, effort time savings of 97% were achieved with Test Automation.
  • Quality – Test automation reduces human error and allows for testing more data variables
  • Security – Critical patches can be released to the system on shorter cycles, reducing application vulnerability.
  • Functionality – The manual testing bottleneck is often the major cause of delays in functionality enhancements within agencies.

As extremely conservative organizations like the Department of Defense look to leverage the advantages of test automation, there is a clear signal to all organizations managing large enterprise applications to include test automation as part of application life cycle roadmaps.

In our experience with test automation implementation both in the private and public sector, we view two factors as imperative to long-term success: useability and maintainability.  The testing tools must be accessible to subject matter experts who may have little or no programming knowledge.  Additionally, the test cases must be flexible enough to accommodate frequent changes to the application that occur in normal maintenance and enhancement.

SoftSol created the BUGFAST test automation solution to address these two critical goals. BUGFAST employs an easy-to-use GUI so that business users can create, run, and modify automated test cases without dependencies on technical programmers. Additionally, BUGFAST’s AutoGen feature automatically converts a newly recorded script into reusable components.  Through this reusability, test teams can update one component and those changes will apply to every test case that uses that component.

By employing a usable and maintainable test automation framework, mainstream public and private sector organizations can quickly capture a positive ROI through minimal investments in test automation tools.

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